Debbie Repplinger Malcolm

Profile Updated: September 12, 2019
Residing In: Joplin, MO USA
Spouse/Partner: Scott
Occupation: retired
Children: Brad Wilson (son), 36.............born July 17, 1983
JaNena Milburn Wilson (daughter-in-law) 37...born More…March 15, 1982 (married Brad on January 6, 2018)
Jared Malcolm (step son), 35...born May 22, 1984
Sarah Collins Malcolm (step daughter-in-law) 34...born July 24, 1985 (married Jared on June 24, 2017)
Kara Malcolm White (step daughter), 33...born January 20, 1986
(married Justin on May 10, 2019)
Justin White 29 (step son-in-law)...born July 6, 1980
Yes! Attending Reunion
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Grand kids?

We have 4 grand children. We have three "inherited" grand children from my step daughter Kara's marriage to Justin White. His children are James (8), Jason (5) and Amber (3). We also have an infant grand daughter, Aletheia Joy Wilson, born on July 19, 2019. She is the daughter of my son Brad and his wife JaNena.


I was married to my son's father, Clark Wilson, from October of 1981 to January of 1987. In July of 1983 our son Brad was born, now 28 years old. After Clark and I divorced, I remained single for five years. Then I met the true love of my life, Scott Malcolm, in August of 1991. We dated ONLY four months, then we got married on December 21, 1991. We've been happily married ever since, and we'll be celebrating our 27th anniversary in just a few short months. We raised our children together, and even though blending two families is never easy to achieve, I believe we've been quite successful at it. Our kids grew up together, and are quite close now, which we think is wonderful, and we're very thankful for it as well.

Scott and I have always lived in Joplin, but on that fateful day...May 22 of last year, our home was hit by that EF-5 tornado...with us in it!!! God and His angels were watching over us that day because we walked out of our house without a scratch on us. We had no basement or storm shelter, yet we lived through it!!! Our house, although still partially standing, sustained considerable damage, as well as the rest of our property (tree loss, etc.). My son Brad lives in Carthage, and he invited us into his home and into his heart, and we lived with him for 9 1/2 months. Our insurance company has been a living nightmare, but we are FINALLY almost finished with them, thanks to the help of our attorney.

By the way, May 22nd was my step son Jared's 27th birthday. Some birthday, huh.

We're enjoying our home that we purchased in 2012, and we hope to be here many years. We've made some very good friends from our great neighbors, and we treasure each and every one of them.

So, that's basically my story ever since graduation in 1972. I am SO grateful to be alive, and I realize just how precious life is. Maybe if we hadn't been through something as traumatic as the tornado, we might not be so grateful for the things we have. My husband and I have always been close, but this awful experience has brought us even closer together.

Oh by the way, did I mention that I'm a blonde now? I've been a blonde for many years. It's true, blondes DO have more fun, trust me!!! ;-)

School Story:

I just wanted to graduate...simple as that.

What did you want to do or think you were going to do when you finished high school?

I had no clue whatsoever, just knew that I needed to grow up and get out in the world. Looking back, I wish I had been more outgoing than I was in school. I was always painfully shy. I wish I would have gotten into more extra-curricular activities. Oh well, hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20. Right?????

What do you do now?

domestic goddess and loving it

What do you like to do in your spare time?

reading, Internet surfing, gardening, fixing up new home playing around on FaceBook

What's your favorite high school memory?


Biggest thing you would do different if you went back to your time at PHS?

I would have devoted more time to my studying.



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Donna, I hope you're having a great birthday.

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HAPPY mutual birthday sista!!! I hope your day has been super duper for you. Scott and I are looking forward to having dinner with you and Alan this evening. Later, gator!!!

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I was shocked to hear about Debbie Auberle's death.  I had no idea.  crying

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